Death Benefit


On June 21, 1990, the North Carolina State Lodge, Fraternal Order of Police created what is now known 

as the North Carolina State Lodge Death Benefit Program. The State Lodge provides a Death Benefit for 
every qualified member in good standing. A listing of such members will be maintained in the State 
Lodge Office.

A basic benefit of $3,000 will be paid for a death by natural causes or accidental (other than line-of-duty).  
A benefit of $9,000 will be paid for Line of Duty death.

Military personnel assigned to law enforcement duties are covered under the natural and accidental 
portions of the coverage. Should a line of duty death occur, the State Lodge would pay that portion of the 
coverage only if the death was related to the law enforcement function. The line of duty benefit will not 
be paid if the death occurred either in a combat situation or any military situation not related to the law 
enforcement function. 

Active members that leave law enforcement other than retirement will be dropped from the Death 
Benefit Program. Active members that take a leave of absence from his/her agency to take a civilian job 
in a combat zone will not be covered in the Death Benefit Program.

To become eligible for lifetime membership in the Death Benefit Program, law enforcement officers 
must maintain continuous membership in the North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police at least five 
years prior to retirement, unless the individual is retired on an unforeseen disability through his law 
enforcement retirement system. 

These members shall be entitled to the natural, accident and in the line of duty benefits as long as they 
are employed with that agency. 

This State Lodge Death Benefit program will continue in effect so long and until such time as the North 
Carolina State Lodge Board of directors decides not to continue this program, and/or modify or effect 
changes to the program. It is unequivocally and expressly understood that the status of membership 
does not imply any guarantee or expectation of any continued rights under this program if the Lodge 
decides to discontinue this program at whatever time or for whatever reason.